Other Processes

Secondary Operations

We offer a complete range of secondary operations such as broaching, honing, tumbling, polishing and welding. We also can take advantage of qualified outside vendors for heat-treating, plating, and other critical processes.

Wash Area

Many of our parts go through a wash process to remove excess oil and cutting fluids before another process is added to the part, either a second operation or just simply packaged for shipment.

Chip Spinning

Reuse of scrap is a vital part of our business. The scrap from the parts is spun free of any extra oils and both the cutting oil and scrap metals are reused, either by us directly or by the original suppliers of the product.



Allied Machined Products has warehouse space where customer stock is stored until it is released for shipment by the customer. This ensures that our customers will have their parts when they are requested. We ship using UPS, Fedex and any freight company our customers require. Parts are packed carefully to ensure there is no damage. Your parts are as important to us as they are to you.