CNC Turning

Our experienced personnel using state of the art CNC turning machines produce close tolerance parts to our customers’ exacting specifications. We produce parts and assemblies from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and a wide range of machinable plastics.

Our CNC turning machines manufacture complex components from bar stock and chucked slugs, and are also used as a secondary operation from the automatic screw machine department.

We have state of the art CAD CAM software that allows us to program from customer solid models so that we can take on even the toughest machining jobs.

We have 12 CNC Turning Machines with spindle capacity to 2-3/4, chucking capacity up to 10″ and turning capacity up to 14″ long

1 Okuma Genos

3 Okuma Crowns

1 Hardinge COBRA

1 SL-30 HAAS

2 GT-10 HAAS

1 SL-20 HAAS

1 SL-10 HAAS

1 Doosan Puma

1 Doosan Lynx