Company History

Allied Metal Products, now known as Allied Machined Products Corp., was started in July 1946 by Louis Weber, Russell Weber, Millard Bassett and Harry Carlson.

Allied was first located in the basement of the Parker Manufacturing building at 85 Prescott Street in Worcester. Ten people worked at Allied in its early years. The machinery was a little different by today’s standards – nine automatics – all old clunkers according to Russell Weber, two hand machines, two #5 Warner & Swaseys, two millers, three hand millers, four to five drill presses, two circular grinders and one surface grinder.

By 1962, Allied had outgrown their shop on Prescott Street and moved to a brand new shop at 165 Ballard Street in Worcester. The shop on Ballard Street was originally 9,000 square feet, which was eventually expanded to 17,000 square feet. Of course, with growth comes the need for more employees. The employee base went from ten employees to over sixty employees. In November of 1998, Allied Metal Products became what is now known as Allied Machined Products Corp.

1999 was a big year for Allied. We outgrew our plant at 165 Ballard Street and moved to 4 Westec Drive, our newest location here in Auburn. At present, our shop is 49,000 square feet and our employee base is currently at 55 employees.

Allied had a customer base of twenty five, we now have over sixty five plus customers. Allied has now been in business for over 70 years!!

Louis Weber was the first President of the company serving from 1946 until his retirement in 1965. Russell Weber became company President after his father in 1965 until his retirement in 1987. Peter Weber became company President after his father in 1987 until his election as Chairman of the Board in 2010, when Ann Marie Wright succeeded him as President.

Louis Weber, first President of Allied Machined Products