What we do

We are capable of machining any kind of part made out of virtually any type of material. Parts are made to customer specifications with close tolerances. High volume or low volume, we can handle it. If you have a need for us to ship parts on a specific delivery schedule or a Kanban system, we are set up for that.
We have a large range of machines to complete any tasks you have along with experienced personnel to assist you in how your part can be made more efficiently.

  • 19 Automatic Screw Machines ranging in size from 5/8 inch capacity to 3-1/4 inch capacity
  • 6 CNC Swiss Screw machines ranging in size from 5/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch capacity with 7 axis machining capability
  • 12 CNC Turning machines with spindle capacity to 2-3/4, chucking capacity up to 10″ and turning capacity up to 14″ long.
  • 7 CNC Vertical machining centers, 4 of which have 4-axis capability.
  • Various secondary operations such as grinding, broaching, honing, tumbling, polishing and welding.
  • An assembly department that puts assemblies together and packages them in customer specific packaging.